Are These New Drinks Better Than Only Water?

This is a funny thing.  We are the generation that has an opinion that pure drinking water is not intresting.This has given boost to the multi-million dollar market of flavored water or sport water with added vitamins.  And you can buy natural mixers to add to your own bottled water.  Flavored water encourages people to drink more water.We are becoming a little spoilt by intaking these drinks, isen’t it?

Except for vitamin waters, flavored waters are just that, flavor and water and often a sweetener. We are drinking just when we don’t want – water with more additives – and is that really healthy?Following are the questions that many people are questioning.

The bottled water are not sweetened in the market now a days. To make the water delicious a hint of a flavor is added.

Then there are the sweetened bottled water – sweetened with sucralose or carbonated sweetened bottled water.Many of these are controversly claiming zero calories but are they really?

Regular vitamins should not be thrown.You should seriously go through the label on one of these vitamin drinks. Take a Glacéau brand called Vitaminwater Essential Orange Carrot. An extra large dosage of vitamins and minerals from A through Zinc is shown by the label. On scrutinizing you will find the expensive bottle has almost 100 calories but only has between limited amount of minerals and vitamins. So, are we really getting what we pay for?

Oxygenated water is presented in tons to many stores by several companies representing different brands. Does this product provide value?

All types of water being exposed to air is said to be oxygenated. The extra pressure to the water is given to add more oxygen gas.The oxygen goes back out into the air when the top of bottle is removed. A small amount of oxygen can enter in your body while drinking oxygenated water.But how much oxygen really searches your blood system?

Water is fully oxygenated according to the results shown by the (ACE) The American Council on Exercise.These waters gives more energy and mental ability to athletes needing extra boost up or the one who wants to be healthier. The study tested performance effects of lot of water products founded to be oxygenated against general municipal water.

Researchers said that intake of oxygenated water is effectless on amount of blood lactate ,heart rate at rest or blood pressure. The results were not surprising and were noted that red blood cells are fully saturate with oxygen in normal healthy exercise. The “placebo effect” may be the cause of the benefits from oxygenated water products.

Researchers also studied water of famous brand to see the content of oxygen. The tests showed that the amount of oxygen in waters marketed as oxygenated is about three times lesser than the municipal tap water.

The study reinforce ACE’s opinion about water products that they do not always live up to their advertising. But because water is one of the most necessary elements of a human body, the ACE stated that it will always continue to promote healthy hydration.Water maintains the temperature of the body, protects critical organs and helps in digestion. Except plain water no other water can give you that!

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