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SodaStream, a brand of carbonation makers, was invented in 1903.

In the 1970s and 1980s, when there were different concentrated syrups available, versions were created to add concentrates to create carbonated drinks in popular flavors. After merging with Soda-Club the company was relaunched as a way to make healthy drinks for kids.

The SodaStream drink maker — a small device that infuses carbon dioxide into water –converts water to a taste like soda pop. The system includes a machine, a canister of carbon dioxide, and reusable beverage bottles (suitable for pressurizing). The bottle, when filled with water, is screwed on to the machine, and with a push of the button ejects compressed CO2 from a canister into the bottle, making sparkling water (also called seltzer). There are a number of flavors which can be used to create regular soft drinks by adding a slight amount to the bottle of carbonated water. When the canister is out of CO2, you return it to the market and purchase a carbon dioxide (CO2) refill.

With so many categories of concentrate, unique and different flavors of soft drinks can be made. In the years when the systems were most popular, many well-known brands were available for SodaStream in the concentrates – such as Fanta, and Sunkist.

MilkStream, is a variation of the SodaStream, and was invented for making milkshakes. Frothy, delicious milkshakes are produced by combining Ice cream, milk and Crusha syrup, and utilizing an extended wand into the glass.

The first machines made were rather large in size, and were sold to the upper classes of London, including to the royal household. There were flavors with odd names, including the famous sarsaparilla introduced in the 1920s. In 1955 the very first machine for home carbonation was produced.

SodaStream was very popular during the 1970s and 1980s in the UK, and presently it’s associated with nostalgia for those periods of time. The advertising jingle in 1970s was, “Get busy with the fizzy” — a slogan so popular that the company added it to its logo. After 17 years of use, it was eventually retired in 1996.

Although commercially successful, the soft drinks made by these machines were perceived by some to be an inferior imitation of their commercial counterparts. One of the noticeable differences was that in addition to slightly different flavors of the produced drink, the bubbles made by SodaStream machines are larger and shorter-lived. Today this has changed, partly because of Aromhuset flavors for carbonated water, and Sodastream now is the leader in sparkling water.

Today, SodaStream is part of Soda-Club; there are various websites where products can be purchased and supplies ordered, and reordered, when needed.

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