The Perfect And Best Bottled Water

Naming a thing as “best” is very difficult.

Studies in both in the US and in other countries say that Americans on average drink around 25 gallons of bottled water each year. In the year 2006, Americans spent around $11 billion in bottled water.American drink as much bottled water as different beers. According to the prediction of the economist, Americans may be drinking more bottled water than municipal water.

Though all of us know that we should drink much water for a healthy lifestyle, it is a hard choice to decide which is the best. With so many brands of bottled water on the grocery shelves, which is considered best?All water have pros and cons.

Tap water is not costly and is available with just turn of the nozzle.Most municipal water plants purify the water by adding chlorine into it and also fluoride which provides protection against decay of teeth.It is believed by many that added fluoride and chlorine is not a healthy addition to water therefore they favor some other type of water.

Most of the bottled water is not standardized and they are similar to the tap water however they are convenient to carry anywhere.You should use “spring water” if you prefer bottled water.“Purified water” is bottled water with no minerals, therefore it may taste better, it is not better for ones health. “Distilled water” is like “purified water” because both are just water in which a process was used to take all the minerals out.

Mineral water is bottled water which should not exceed 250 per million minerals in the water.According to the opinion of some people, minerals are useful for our health while others believe that it harms our health. Some people can trust due to the better taste, it must be healthier for you but that has not been proven.

Sparkling bottled water is just water that has been treated and has naturally, or added to it, carbon dioxide to add a fizz and bubbles.Club water and selzer can not be called sparkling waters technically. They are referred as soft drinks due to the mixture of sugar and salt. However carbonated bottled water is also not healthier, but by adding flavour to it , a person drinks it more.  A large assortment of calorie free flavors to flavor sparkling water to great taste is sold at
Water from an artesian well is bottled water from an well underground layers of rock or sand, in which the water is filters through the rocks and sand.

So, there are differences in water.Most of the people purchase probably Coke or Pepsi brands because of the brand but they are just highly purified tap water.

The second issue might help with the discussion – what the word ‘best’ means. That word could mean different things to different people.People feel that water that tastes best is healthy water.

So we come to the end of this article, not defining what the best bottled wateris.  That is probably best defined by the individual’s taste buds and as for health – all water is regulated in some way by some agency, so it is doubtful that any one bottled water is any healthier than another.  But that is just this writer’s opinion and I am certain that the companies that produced bottled water would beg to differ with me.

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